Privacy Policy


This privacy policy does its best to clearly describe our information collection, usage, sharing, and protection policies. Reading it in its entirety will help you understand the information that we collect about/from users, how we collect such information, and how we may use, share, and protect your private information when you use our app/website.

Do not use the service if you are not in full agreement with this policy. Your use now and your future use of the platform will be considered by us as your agreement to be lawfully bound by the terms of the policy.


Without any notification, we may occasionally choose to revise this privacy policy by adding additional terms to it, by deleting some specific terms from it, or by changing the wording of some of the paragraphs.

It is important that you always stay updated about how we use your personal information, so you must check back often on this page to view and read any changes to our privacy policy.

The Information We Collect

At Salonista, we only collect users’ private data/info that is required for us to perform our obligations, and these include:

Information that you provide, including your name, your address, and other contact details. It may also include payment information required for us to provide our services to you.

Information that is automatically provided to us by your computer when you use our app/website, including your IP address or domain name, internet service provider (ISP), referring and exit pages, browser and operating system, clickstream data, and the date and time stamps. This type of information is not in any way personal and does not identify you specifically. Rather, it helps us to customize our app/website so that we can better meet users’ needs and enrich their online experience.

How We Use Your Private Data/Info

The ways in which Salonista may use your private data/info include:

  • To provide the services requested by you, whether you are a salon owner/operator or a customer;
  • In replying to any user’s query or complaints;
  • To validate the identity of any user trying to log on to the app/website;
  • To make our general customer services available to all users;

How We May Disclose Your Private Data/info

We may share your private information with the following people and for the following reasons:

With service providers and/or potential clients to aid the provision of their services to you;

With certain regulatory bodies in order to prevent and/or detect fraud and other criminal acts on the platform;

With a governmental body in obedience to regulatory demands and applicable laws.

Sale of Personal Information

We will never transfer, share, or sell users' personal information with any third party.

We may, however, provide a third party with your personal information if you give us the permission to do so.

Cookie Policy

To allow us capture and then recollect certain information about you after your first visit and to allow you to have a stress free and convenient experience when next you use our service, we make use of cookies. These technologies, which may, without limitation, include cookies, pixels, web beacons, and gifs, are collectively called cookies in this cookie policy. Cookies are tiny text files that are typically stored on your web-accessing device, usually used to make app/websites work in a better, more efficient way.

The cookies we use: We sometimes use performance cookies, (alternatively named analytics cookies) to gather information about the way you use this app/website and help us to better the way the Salonista app/website works. Performance cookies allow us to know which of our pages are most popularly visited, the overall patterns of usage on the app/website, help us to note any problems you may have with the app/website, and let us know how effective our targeted advertising is.

We also use functionality cookies that allow us to remember any choices you have previously made on our app/website, thus allowing us to provide you with more personalized features, such as remembering your preference for commenting on a blog, a particular service, or customizing a certain page.

We also use advertising or targeting cookies, which help us limit the number of times that you see the same advert on our app/website. They also help us to judge how effective our advertising campaigns are so that we can continue to deliver ads that are most relevant to you and your interests.

Types of cookies: Depending on your specific activity, we may use either session cookies or persistent cookies. Where no expiration date exists for the cookie, it is defined as a session cookie, are typically stored in memory without ever been written to disk, and are permanently lost once the browser closes. On the other hand, cookies with expiration dates are considered persistent cookies. A persistent cookie will be removed from the disk on the date specified in the expiration.

Your control/opting out: You have the right to deny cookies from the Salonista app/website if you so choose. To do this, please visit the help page of your web browser and activate refuse to accept cookies. When you choose to do this, however, you may not have access to many features that make our app/website experience more efficient. You may also be unable to store your preferences, and may in some cases be unable to properly view some of our pages.

No Minors Welcome

Our app/website and services are designed to be used for an adult audience, even if the appointment for salon services are being made on behalf of minors. Thus, we will never intentionally collect private data/info from persons under 18, except as endorsed by law or with parental consent.

Security of Information

We deploy a combination of security procedures, including technical, physical, and administrative measures to secure the safety of users’ private data/info.

For example, we use an encryption technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect private information.

Also, user information is only accessible by a limited number of professionals who are duly authorized and who are obligated thereafter to keep such user information confidential.

We, however, will not be blamable or liable for any unauthorized access or loss of private data/info that is beyond our control simply because there is no full security guarantee for data transmissions made over the Internet.

Refund Policy

We operate on a commission basis, charging salon users a commission for the use of our platform. You understand and accept that we have a no-refund policy. This means that we will under no circumstance, refund any commission received by us from any user from the user's use of our services.

Your only recourse, if you are not satisfied with our service, is to quit using the service.

Other General Rules for Using the App/Website

Whether you are a beauty salon using the app/website to provide beauty services or you are a client using the app/website to access beauty services, here are other general rules for using the app/website:

You are not to collect other users’ content or information without our permission.

You are not allowed to access Salonista using automated means without our written agreement.

Do not post information containing or encompassing computer viruses or any other damaging computer code.

Do not post any material that is by its nature persecutory, degrading, hassling, intimidating, or belittling of a person or a particular group of people because of disability, age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Do not use the service to upload spam links or ads or directions to other apps, websites, and businesses, except as allowed by us.

You are not to use the service to advertise pyramid schemes or chain letters.

Do not provide content or any other material that is not yours to provide legal-wise or that you are not allowed to provide under any contractual or fiduciary relationship.

You may not hide identifiers or forge headers in a bid to hide the source of any user-provided content.

Salonista reserves the right to and may without prior notice, terminate your Salonista account, and access to the app/website if you breach these terms and conditions.

User Content

The app/website allows users to give their feedback as per the services offered or received in the form of reviews and comments. When you provide any review or comment (collectively called user content), you will remain the copyright owner of such user content, but you grant us a payment-free, non-exclusive, and international license to use your user content in any way that we choose, including publishing, translating, publicly performing, displaying, dispensing, adjusting, replicating, and altering such user content.

We may use your user content in a format and in a medium that is used today or anyone that may be developed in the future, and will not pay you or anyone else for the use of your user content. We will also not give you any special recognition as the owner of the content.

Any content that you provide must not be in the breach of any international law, and must not violate any state, federal, or local laws either.

Your content must not be reproachful, illegal, defamatory, threatening, offensive, ill-mannered, vile, or humiliating to any other entity or individual, as determined by Salonista.

Your content, with a special emphasis on your reviews, must not be untrue, erroneous, or misleading; and must not infringe on the rights of third parties (including without limitation trade secrets, copyrights, patents, trademarks, and privacy or publicity rights).

Your user comment must not stop or interfere with real-time exchanges on the platform, and must not intentionally harm the app/website and the servers that make the app/website available and running.

Your provided content must not be impersonate other people, including, but not restricted to, a Salonista official, and must not deceptively misrepresent your relationship with a person or entity.

You are responsible for any content that you submit to us and agree to indemnify Salonista and its affiliates for any claims ensuing from any content that you so submit.

Links to Third Party App/Websites

As a matter of convenience for our users, we may sometimes upload links to other third-party sites, apps, and resources.

It is important that you not take the presence of such links as our app/website as our endorsement of the procedures, products, services, policies, or content of that third-party site, app, or resource.

Your link and use any of these third-party resources at your own informed risk. However, we recommend that you always thoroughly review all legal policies before you use such resources.


The Salonista app/website is provided by us as is and as available. There are no guarantees and representations given by us to any user as to any satisfactory use or met expectations as a result of using this app/website.

There are no guarantees and representations given by us to any user as to the operation of the Salonista app/website or the services, content, and information found on the app/website.

There are no warranties given by us to any user, whether direct or implicit, including without restriction the indirect warranties of merchantability, suitability, or fitness for a specific purpose to the maximum degree permitted by pertinent law.

We will not bear any liability to anyone for any damages borne as a result of using the services, whether this damage is direct, comprehensive, associated, punitive, or secondary.

Where the service is temporarily unavailable (as it may occasionally be) for any reason, including maintenance purposes, you may not hold us responsible for your inability to access the platform.

Salonista will not be liable for any theft or destruction or unofficial access to, modification of, delay in transmission or operation, omission, interruption in, defect, deletion, or the error of any user content.

We will not bear liability to any user for any third-party content provided through the service.

We disclaim all liabilities relating to the consequences of any omissions or errors, and we will not under any circumstances be obligated in regard to any claim developing out of or concerning the app/website or its contents, including without limitation any decision made or any course of action that you take in dependence upon any such content, or for any losses experienced, whether this is circuitous, corrective, exceptional, immediate, significant, or anything else, even if we have been appraised of the possibility of such.

We are a connection service and are not licensed by any city, state, or country as a beauty service provider. We do not participate in the delivery of salon services, and all users of the service use it with the understanding that they bear the full risks for using a connection service such as ours. Under no circumstances will we be held liable for any hurts or losses that any user may suffer in connection with his or her use of the services.

We have not included any provision in these terms and conditions with the intention of excluding or limiting our liability for injury or death arising from our neglect, carelessness, or fraud. We have also not limited or restricted any liability that is not limitable by law, or that is deliberated intended to negatively impact your consumer statutory rights.


You must, as a condition of your use of this app/website, underwrite and insure Salonista against any and all fees, costs, expenses, and reparation, including without restriction accounting costs and legal fees, that may occur as a result of your use of this app/website, or resulting from your violation of these terms.

No Agency or Partnership

No partnership, agency, joint venture, or employment relationship shall be considered to have been formed and to exist between you and Salonista as a result of your use of our services or of this agreement.

Waivers and Severability of Terms

Where we fail or neglect to enforce or exercise any condition of these terms, you are not to consider this as our waiver of such a condition.

Additionally, both parties agree to rewrite any condition of this agreement that any competent court having jurisdiction finds to be invalid or unenforceable such that the condition becomes valid. Where this is impossible, that particular condition will be deleted, and all other conditions will remain effective.


These terms will be governed and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the United Arab Emirates, notwithstanding any principles of conflicts of law. You fully agree that you will be bound by the jurisdiction of its courts.